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Ren Qi had a single horse came here 24-04-2013

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Traincollector HTML simple template model cheap toms shoes , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultChapter four hundred and eleven primary life Summoner Wu Shuang and he was waiting at the proms .
Outside of the inn ,suddenly realize small pine among a ripple .A very strong fluctuation of energy from the first came .Two people a surprise ,at the same time Xiao Songlin look .Small pine trees are tall and straight upright ,but began to bend .
But ,have no wind ,but small pine trees but along a straight line in succession to the curved sides .There seems to be a huge fan is a road from the pines blown out .Soon ,a large cuff fluttering figure appears in Wu Shuang and any uneven eyes .
This person is not others ,it is even a gang of director of qi .See Ren Qi ,Wu Shuang and any uneven not happy ,it began being at a loss what to do .Two people are to know Ren Qifeng ,know Ren Qifeng skill is high, but has not yet become a primary life, so has been and how to fear .
But Ren Qifeng was sullen, always be their energy convergence is very important ,is reluctant toms shoes to show .So ,always no one had seen Ren Qifeng skill level .This is Wu Shuang and what rough on Ren Qifeng without too much fear causes .
But now there is any peaks, all energy fury ,the wave to overflow ,revealed one become powerful breath .But look like Ren Qifeng, does not seem to want to hide their own ability to mind .
The most bizarre, Ren Qi had a toms outlet single horse came here, didn carry a soldier .The matter but perfect ten to reveal unusual . Ha ha ha ,this is not what you and Wu Wang ?Nice to meet you.
Let Qifeng Dalaladi came two people around, laughing . Any help ,we have received your pie music surplus days news ,know happy is difficult, so special to rescue .But look at either .
Look ,it seems that this did not how emergency ? Wu Shuang asked . Ha ha ha ,is two miles ,to save ,this friendship ,Ren Qi thanked now things have settled .Two men have returned Qifeng large channel .
His words do not close ,the following people can fully exploded .What matter . We came, and told us to go ,not clear ,then ? Grandpa ,Ren Qi ,today if you don show an explanation ,let you get more than one bargained for Ren Qi smiled grimly UGG Lo Pro Button,looked at Wu Shuang and he is rough, said: two is not bound to bound by their own men ,recently some some love ,one could not help but suddenly shot to hurt you his subordinates .
If the hand is overweight ,can cause someone died ,do you afford it ? And you ,what are you talking about ? Where I was uneven ,snapped .Wu Shuang felt a little bad, she waved ,stopped his bang scolded .
Slaying the dragon to help players stopped shouting ,the chips are down river Gang ,also follow stop .While Ren Qifeng does not speak ,just watch field in the crowd .This time, all the people feel the scene a little cold, feel the pressure of some heavy ,feel some difficulty breathing .
tell you ,from now on, the carefree inn name will only belong to my regret for a river ,you help and chopped dragon to help UGG Boots Roxy Short,the best baby roll off my property .Otherwise ,I will let you vanish without a trace .
Of course ,if you want to rely on my regret regret to help ,become a part of my help ,Ren Qi or welcome . what did you say ? This, even Wu Shuang couldn she sank channel , Ren Qi ,what do you mean ?We want to swallow ?I admit you Ren Qi ability stronger ,but you even help also merely mediocre ,want to eat our help and chopped dragon river to help ,you can indigestion indigestion ,what a joke Ren Qi loudly , I will show you feel for a particular strength ,know heaven and earth gap what is said, Qi arms as a sky ,chanting something strange words .
Then the earth suddenly played a shiver ,ground Shanhaiguan opened a crack UGG Boots Tall,the crack is more and more big ,which constantly beast roar came, and the earth is like earthquake tremor .
For a time, the river gang and chopped dragon gang are unstable ,there was color .Stared at the huge cracks ,in an attempt to discover the mystery .While Wu Shuang and he is very ugly .
Summoner ? Wu Shuang startled , Ren Qi you had become the summoner . not only became summoner ,also became Ren Qi laughing , to tell you the truth ,I immediately to advanced primary life regardless of happy inn met any trouble ,I don you .
Well, I alone can solve the trouble, why to want to divide a cup of a thick soup to you these outsiders .Today ,I will show you a primary life Summoner spell power ,then ,you surrender .
primary life? A screaming suddenly came from the crowd .For these people, to breakthrough into the stars ,is a lifelong lucky .If allowed to become Ten Star ability ,that is the big man .
While the eleven and twelve star ,that is the characters of big man can have such success .As far as the primary life, it is a galaxy of Lords can have the strength .To become the primary body for life ,all in the Sirius Star System in the palm of one party in power ,summon wind and call for rain worked miracles characters .
They never thought ,Ren Qi had to advanced primary life day .Ren Qifeng has been chopped dragon crossing many forces of very subtle ,because Ren Qifeng is the only one of twelve star ability .
Also known as the thousand years become the most promising junior life star ability .Therefore ,chopped dragon crossing near the many forces leaders ,including Wu Shuang and any uneven ,somewhat to Ren Qifeng some fear .
Just afraid although fear, yet not to surrender UGG Boots Sheepskin Cuff.But if any Qifeng really become the primary life body ,that is not the same .For star ability ,primary life is invincible existence .
Many forces that ,if cut dragon ferry out of a primary life body ,then chopped dragon crossing near feudal separatism aspect will end .The various forces will come to an end ,a truly unified will be there .
Now let Qifeng release energy fluctuation is more and more intense ,the ground under the behemoth is also increasingly shrill .Wu Shuang and Dr .Looked at each other, see in the eyes of horror and despair .
Ps: recommended setting leaf book — doomsday video killed :Apocalypse ,in Python ,Australopithecus ,cannibals ,headhunter … … Humans for food ,too horrible to look at .Xiao Yu ,incidentally fusion a ock UGG Boots Classic Sparkles,get through the past and future of ghost world .
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